Funny Balloons is a company founded in 2015 with a local focus that has sought to be part of its community to provide products and services with the sole purpose of providing value and service to its customers for all celebrations in life. In 2021 California became our 2nd home and in 2022 we reach a new milestone in Puerto Rico.

Funny Balloons is working every day to build the four elements that comprise its main objective. 


Our vision is to become the leader in the local market thanks to the high quality of our products and services that we provide every day.


Our social responsibility is towards the customers, consumers and celebrations that bring our products to life.


Funny Balloons has been built derived from our sister company Gemar USA® through our parent company Gemar® with the idea of finding a local identity in the community.


We believe that providing value and service through our products together with our customer service are part of what we consider to be the path to excellence.